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Demand for the iOS version of MIT App Inventor is high, as it is currently only available for the Android platform. Help us meet the needs of iOS users by supporting us as we develop App Inventor for iOS!

The goal of the MIT App Inventor team is to empower young people to develop apps worth making: digital solutions to problems they face in their everyday lives and around the world. MIT App­­ Inventor teaches coding and mobile app development, but, more importantly, it enables anyone—even kids or people who may not think of themselves as coders—to develop mobile apps with real-world impact.


What is App Inventor?

MIT App Inventor is a Web-based smartphone development platform. The graphical drag-and-drop blocks interface demystifies coding and makes the design and development process easy enough for novice users to create and publish simple apps in under an hour.


With 6.8M users and over 24M built apps, there are many stories of MIT App Inventor impact and empowerment around the world. Here are two examples:

  • Apa Pura: Romanian for “pure water,” Apa Pura was developed by young women in Stefanesti, Moldova during a 2014 outbreak of hepatitis A. The app uses crowdsourcing technology to identify sources of drinkable water, tracking and mapping contamination such as E. coli, hepatitis, and heavy metals in wells around the city.
  • Women Fight Back: In Mumbai, India, the young women of the Dharavi Diary program have developed multiple apps to help their community. One app, Women Fight Back, arms women with a distress signal and preset emergency contacts to help combat violence against women.


Why Support Us

MIT App Inventor empowers communities, especially those that are marginalized and under-resourced, to create unique solutions to the problems they face on a regular basis. By equipping individuals, especially young people, with programming knowledge, MIT App Inventor offers communities a way to create singularly effective solutions to significant ongoing problems. MIT App Inventor also builds confidence in young people as they learn to code, creating a pipeline of STEM talent and opportunity for the future.



MIT App Inventor is offering a variety of perks to express our gratitude for your support. From a special app to help save the bees to an App Inventor mug for your coffee to a kit to build your own Bee Bot (mock-up at left), there’s something for everyone at every level!



Make coding and mobile app development more accessible than ever by helping MIT App Inventor expand to iOS!